The FCS II MR Twin features a contemporary twist on Mark’s original 4 x World Title twin fin design. Now available in both Performance Core (PC), and the more affordable Neo Glass (NG) construction, this popular twin + stabiliser set-up produces exceptional drive and speed, with enough control to confidently push through your turns with power.

Mark Richards Twin Fin FCS II


- Exceptional drive + pivot- Stabiliser adds control
- Performance Core (PC) and Neo Glass (NG)
- Side fins positioned behind shapers dot


Derived from the fin template MR surfed to win four World Titles, this popular side fin template has plenty of width at the base which extends towards the tip creating maximum surface area for speed and drive.The moderate sweep (rake) means the FCS II MR Twin should be considered an ‘All Round’ twin template. The mini stabiliser is designed to add control without sacrificing speed, or losing that free feeling that’s synonymous with a twin set-up.


Typically suited to a number of MR’s own models, modern fish shapes and boards with lower rocker, these fins generate incredible speed, will pivot and release easily off the top, while maintaining incredible acceleration into the next turn. 


FCS II MR PC fins feature traditional resin tints in three colour options, which means each fin has its own unique appearance.PC fins deliver a consistent feel similar to a traditional fiberglass fin, but with the advantage of reduced weight. The flex pattern extends progressively from the base through to the tip helping the surfer to maintain drive and hold through a turn. PC fins are reliable, very responsive, and can be used in a variety of different conditions.
Neo Glass is a lightweight, moulded fiberglass construction delivering pro standard performance. The high fiberglass content makes these fins stiff and responsive, and the engineered foils provide a consistent feel. Neo Glass fins are very affordable and versatile enough to use in a variety of conditions.


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