The Seaside Quad is Rob Machado’s first signature FCS II fin template. Designed specifically for his Firewire Seaside model, this semi-keel + stabiliser offers the flow of a traditional twin fish with the control of a performance quad setup.



This quad set is based on Rob’s signature FCS II RM Keel twin template that’s set for release later in 2019. Essentially, the two keels have converted it into four fins by extracting area from the back of the keel and re-shaping it into a mini trailer fin.

The trailer has a low profile but is robust, while the side fins retain the look of a traditional keel with a narrower profile. Overall, this high-area quad set has soft, smooth curves that directly translate to how it feels in the water.



Designed specifically to compliment Rob’s Seaside Firewire model. Overall this set has lots of surface area offering a trustworthy feel with an underlying level of response and performance.

The side fins produce an abundance of drive and forward acceleration. The small trailer fins (quad rears) allow you to break the line and turn in a tight arc when the wave presents steeper and more critical opportunities.

Ideally suited to smaller, weaker waves, this set is adaptable to many higher volume hybrid surfboard models.



Performance Glass fins are machine cut from layers of solid fiberglass. These fins are stiff and are widely used by pro level surfers because the integrity of the flex is maintained under immense force, and in the most extreme of conditions and situations.

FCS II RM Quad Fin


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