Introducing a fresh new look for the FCS II Mayhem template.

Designed with revered shaper Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos, this versatile all-round fin feels reliable on the open face or when surfing tight in the pocket, with increased flex for more forgiveness.



“Crosby Colapinto recently switched over to this template and was amazed how in tune they felt “These fins feels alive and secure whenever I throw big turns at sections. Mental!” Watch as he, Eli Hanneman and Erin Brooks test them out in a variety of conditions.

Sitting in the Reactor Family (speed & tight turns), the MB is considered a high-performance fin because it responds incredibly fast, but still offers enough control so you can confidently lay into a turn with plenty of force.



Erin Brooks, still only 13, has been using them in a variety of conditions and really digging the template “ I love how versatile these fins are in all conditions. From Hawaii to Waco, I feel so connected to my board”.

Available now as a tri or quad setup.


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