The name Christenson personifies beautifully crafted & precisely tuned surfboards and those that are lucky to have surfed them know there is a special type of feeling when you jump on one of his shapes.
Having been mentored by master craftsman, Dick Brewer, and heavily influenced by his then neighbour, Skip Frye, Chris would develop a broad shaping philosophy and ability to design and shape any size and genre of surfboard.
Watch Now:  Oscar Langburne Surfs The FCS II x Christenson Keel below...


Christenson Keel

This is a really well-balanced Keel for traditional wide tail fish models. The extended leading edge will hold a longer line when carving on the face, and a moderate amount of curve in the trailing edge offers a smooth, semi-fast release when transitioning from the turn. Slightly thicker foil offers an underlying feeling of control and grip when loading up and surfing more powerful waves.


Christenson Twin

Lending design elements from the keel category, the full tip, straighter trailing edge and high degree of sweep means this twin set is geared towards smooth performance surfing so you can push hard off the bottom and drive through turns without the fear of skipping out. Will compliment most retro twin fish models.

Watch Now:  Beau Cram Surf The FCS II x Christenson Twin below...



Christenson Longboard

Well-balanced longboard fin with moderate area through the middle and a narrow, tapered tip for greater turning capacity. Having lower sweep, this timeless template lends itself to smooth arcs and cutbacks, and effortless down-the-line speed. 7.5" - 8.5" ideal for mid-lengths, 9" & 9.5" suited to traditional longboards and logs. 


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