• FCS II: The new world standard Fin System

    Set to become the new world standard in system technology and performance, FCS II is designed to accommodate all surfers; regardless of their age demographic, surfing genre, or the boards and waves they’re riding.

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  • Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

    Our Senior Industrial Designer, Greg Scott said "This is the best thing on the internet" He may very well be right. Bob Burnquist is the man.

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  • Kai Otton Rips. Here's proof.

    Sydney northern beaches surfer Kai Otton just dropped this sexy bunch of raw footage cut to some damn fine hip hop. Riding FCS II System with the Essential Series "Carver" template. Sucker.

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  • Results: US Open of Surfing

    The usual drama unfolded at the 2013 US Open of Surfing; huge crowds, some amazing surfing, and even a riot to round out an action packed weekend.

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  • Nick Rozsa doing what he does best

    After a land locked hiatus with a busted hoof, Nick Rozsa is back to doing what he does best. Nick’s latest quiver of Todd Proctor shooters has been fitted with the new FCS II system, and they’re looking pretty damn sweet.

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  • Jordan Lawler wins ASP Pro Junior Title

    Jordan Lawler (Narrabeen, NSW) was one of the most exciting surfers to watch all weekend at the Be the Influence Surf Pro, launching massive airs and surfing with style and flow on both his backhand and forehand.

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  • Julian Wilson Claims Mr Price Pro Ballito

    "That was the first time I’ve landed that air in a contest and I had to do something because I had my back against the wall." -Julian Wilson

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  • Jacob Willcox the new World Junior Champ

    Congratulations to both FCS Team Rider Jacob Wilcox, & The Australian Junior Surf Team, for winning the ISA World Junior Surfing Champs in Playa Jiquiliste, Nicaragua.

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  • Let loose on your board with colour

    If you’re feeling creative and want to let loose on your board with a unique splash of colour then it’s all pretty straightforward – I would definitely recommend it as it’s a really fun process!

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  • Mitch Crews claims Quiksilver Open Japan

    FCS Team Rider Mitch Crews claims victory in the Quicksilver Open Japan. To celebrate we've got his latest Vid jam packed with action.

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    Ozzie Wright

    Ozzie Wright

    Name: Ozzie Wright
    Date of Birth: July 1, 1976
    Born: Sydney, Australia
    Lives: Narabeen, Australia
    Sponsors: Volcom clothing and wetsuits, Electric Sunglasses, Santa Cruz surfboards, Gorilla tail pads and accessories, Aerial 7, FCS Fins